Your website is a communication platform where your branding matters
We are passionate about branding and frankly it frustrates us when businesses commission a new website without considering whether they need to change, improve or simply adjust their branding. Our branded websites are based on a thorough understanding of your brand and how best to communicate who you are, what you stand for and why people should talk to you. Get in touch


As part of the branded website project for J&S House of Design we also repositioned the business with a new fresh, contemporary image; and focused their key messages to communicate the offer with more impact.

J&S House of Design website

JS-new website-home.jpg

Proven web process

All of our branded website projects follow the same 3 part process:
understanding & strategy | design & build | content & launch
We have considerable experience of delivering quality responsive and content managed website projects. Have a good look around as we followed the same process for the Luna website as we do for our clients.


The new branded website was key to the Sugar&Spice rebranding, positioning them as a contemporary business with a twist of traditional baking heritage. Strong visuals combined with a clean and crisp layout and concise messages using a friendly tone.

Sugar&Spice website