Branded website | J&S House of Design

Although their main requirement was for a new website for their kitchen, bedroom & bathroom design business, Jim & Sue recognised the need to update their brand identity, positioning and messaging, as part of the total project.

Brand identity refresh

The branding previously used a strong rich burgundy colour and had quite a traditional feel. We worked with the business owners to create a fresh, contemporary look for the brand, using teal and grey for the colour palette. The logo design was refined rather than changed radically as the J&S element was recognised as strong and well recognised. Part of this brand work was to introduce the 'Inspired Creativity' slogan to reinforce the design focus of the business; along with the work on the content to simplify and focus the main messages.

Wordpress branded website

Once we had worked on the enhancement of the core brand elements we created the web design based on: the distinctive layout with the side navigation, the contemporary consumer feel of the site, and the web structure that allowed us to make the high quality images the focus of a high impact visual look and style.
JS-old website-home2.jpg
JS-new website-home.jpg