Brand masterclass - Dove

How the same brand differentiates its products for different sexes.
We live and love brands at Luna, so it is not surprising that even getting ready in the morning is a branding feast. There in front of me on the bathroom shelf was a classic illustration of why a brand is not just a logo. It was the Dove product branding, in particular, that caught my attention. The brand approach for women and that for men is so well executed that it is a perfect microcosm of a brand identity system. Too much? Well we are passionate brand creatives …
So, to get to the point. The female deodorant product is white with the core Dove brand in the main colour blue and the dove itself in gold. In contrast, the male version is white out with the dove in silver and the very strong, masculine wording of MEN + CARE ensuring that the core brand is enhanced for the target audience rather than replaced.
This links nicely into colour and shape. The deodorant for men is a dark grey with a splash of blue across and looks both contemporary and manly. The upright shape fits the no-nonsense approach perfectly. For women there is a predominantly white colour set with some greeny blue accents, while the can itself has a curvy, feminine shape. They could not be more different or more focused on the target audience.
Then we move into key messages. For women the word 'pure' is centre stage reflecting the core brand value of Dove, reinforced by the product descriptor that it contains: NO | fragrance, parabens, colourants or alcohol. In stark contrast, the male product is 'clean comfort' and its product message is: 48 hour powerful protection. There is no attempt to draw men into the softer, gentler, caring world of their partners when direct, what does it do? and why should I bother? are more to the point.
Embodied in these two products from the same brand is a mini brand identity masterclass. Brands are about look, feel, message and perception expressed through design, colour, shape and wording. A logo design is just one part of a complex set of brand elements, as Dove understands very well but then they are a Unilever brand.
Alun Williams | 20 April 2016