Brand Transformations

Marketing Automation and Collaboration in the Real World
If you try to put a marketing automation capability onto a shaky base you are simply amplifying your issues. For many companies this starts with a disconnect between their strategy and their delivery. Medium sized companies through to corporates often develop lots of silos, internal people and systems barriers and resulting communication issues, before they even try to join up the delivery to the outside world. 
To address the need to achieve a true marketing transformation and utilise effective marketing automation systems, you first have to address the essential of a clearly defined direction and base strategy to build on. A brand strategy foundation from which the marketing transformation and marketing systems integration can be built is essential. This is not the creative design side of brand, it is the strategic positioning and thinking side of brand. Connecting the business strategy and goals with effective marketing delivery and systems development.
At Luna we work with other specialists to address these issues for companies that are honest and realistic about where they are now and see the need to put all the elements in place to make a difference for their new marketing automation process. Our brand strategy expertise is complimented by strategic partners equally expert in marketing transformation, bespoke systems development and integration, IT strategy and cyber security. Collaboration with a focus is the new world order.