Branding essentials for your new website

Think of your website as a crucial platform for building your brand awareness, position in the market and key messages. Here are our practical tips for creating a strong web presence.
1. Your website is the most important means of presenting your brand to prospects in the best possible light.
Define what prospects are looking for & show how you can provide it rather than shouting about what you do (don’t sell hard!)
2. Avoid the temptation to fill your site full of words. Less is definitely more.
Give visitors enough information to interest them but your website is working if they contact you rather than trying to cover all angles on the site.
3. Don't fall into the data trap. Website success is not all about growing visitors & analytics.
Focus on web enquiries as your most important measure.
4. Visual image is critical as most people will not read all of your content.
Make sure that your images are both high quality & relevant.
5. There are numerous website types out there & some are less flexible than others.
Be clear about your ability to change content quickly & easily.
6. Websites should not be static. Gone are the days when you launch your website & have a look at it 6 months later.
You need to be adding / changing text & images weekly or at least monthly.
7. Websites are the perfect location to present your brand story & key messaging.
It follows that you need to be clear on what they are & communicate them convincingly.
8. Stay in control. For example, not every business has to blog.
Decide if having a blog fits your business & if you can commit to it long term. One alternative is to post articles.
9. Social media can be a good way of directing traffic to your website. But be selective about the right social platforms for your business.
Try to find out where your prospects hang out.
10. Remember a website is a marketing platform not an entity in its own right.
Make it work for you to help grow your business.