Branding in a crisis

The default setting for the current crisis is naturally to retrench, stop spending and go into survival mode. Perfectly understandable when we are so uncertain about what is happening and we are pushed into a day to day existence, operating from home. So what is best advice from a brand perspective? 
The ideal is to continue marketing your brand and be the ones in your market who stay visible, stay relevant and be as positive as possible. This is a great article on the impact for consumer brands that took a brave decision to keep going during tough times: 
But this does not only apply to consumer brands, the principle holds for business in general. Branding is all about creating perceptions, building awareness and making an impact on your audience. If you go silent then you will leave the door open to competitors who are more proactive. These are difficult decisions to make when cost management is also important. The key is to take a long term view and to be positive. This should be to interact with your marketplace with support, advice and help, not just finding ways of generating short term income. 
If you are quieter than normal also view it as an opportunity, utilise the time to audit and review your brand so that when we come out of this difficult time you are perfectly placed to move forward. This can include: assess your positioning in the market and what can be done to enhance your approach; review your brand and objectively consider how it compares to key competitors. 
The kind of questions to ask yourselves are: when we look at our brand (for example on our website) does it come across in the way that we would want it to? Remember that a brand  is not just a logo, it is your choice of images, the full colour palette across the site, your key messages and tone of voice in the way that you deliver your brand brand story, the style of your brand and your attitude. It is the total effect that you create when a prospect visits your site. Check out a range of other websites and put yourself in the position of a prospect. What impression do they create in relation to the perceptions that you are creating on your site?
One of the primary reasons for rebranding is because the business has outgrown their brand and it no longer represents who they are today. Is your brand fully aligned with your  business? Or have you been so busy developing sales and running the business that you have not stopped to take a good look at your own brand? This is a great time to get off the train, stand back and take a good look at where you are. Is it where you want your brand to be and is it positioned to maximise your potential in the future?