If content is king then distribution is queen

Content that is well written, interesting and entertaining can be an opportunity to tell your brand story and enhance the perception of your brand, yet it doesn't stand alone.
Content marketing might seem to be the hottest thing for all go-getting marketers, but it’s been around for well over 100 years and although talked about as the latest trend, it offers beneficial, sound marketing practice.
Content marketing is all about creating and sharing information in order to communicate with potential customers. It is not just about selling the end product but sharing relevant, interesting information and creating a dialogue with the prospect or customer. Content marketing should be a vital component of your communication and promotional strategy, both off line and online.
Content marketing can encompass many elements, including websites, newsletters, eShots, blogs, magazines, brochures, videos, social media, events, photography and more. It is not necessarily about creating a large quantity of content but offering quality and relevant information. Content that is well written, interesting and entertaining can be an opportunity to tell your brand story and enhance the perception of your brand.
So what is the role of social media within this? If content is King, then distribution is Queen. Social media is one of the platforms by which to spread the message and reach your audience, and content and social media go hand-in-hand. The goal of content marketing online is to boost SEO, drive traffic to your website, build loyalty and acquire new leads.
Content in the form of a blog can help drive traffic to your website; there’s no point having a website with fabulously well written content if nobody can find it! Social media evolves quickly and keeping up to date with the changing landscape is vital to ensure that you know where to reach your audience. Having your content on your own platform gives you a consistent online presence, enhanced by conversations on social media platforms but ultimately driving traffic to your website. Both blogs and social media encourage a two-way conversation with customers, enabling them to ask questions and find out information quickly. This can be more like a chat with friends, a way to build your brand’s personality and to build a stronger connection with customers. The immediacy of social media, unlike printed media for example, is that it encourages a dialogue, not a one way monologue.
Fresh stories encourage people to return to your website. If the last blog is dated August 2015, it doesn't create a very positive image about the company. Out dated? Can’t be bothered? Yes on both counts! Top quality, relevant and timely content not only builds authority with customers but it helps rank higher in search results, which in turn drives traffic to your website.
In the 20 years since Bill Gates declared that ‘content is king’, the world wide web has developed and revolutionised business, and indeed our lives, but it seems that content is still ruling the fundamentals of how to manage a brand successfully.
Nicola Ferguson | 4 April 2016