Outgrown your brand

We are seeing a significant number of successful businesses that have grown so rapidly that they have outgrown their brands.
The trend is across market sectors with no one set of dynamics in common. The only common cause is the focused energy of the business founders on creating a vibrant and distinct business without taking their branding with them.
The irony of this type of business growth is that after a number of years you stop and take a look at your business objectively and realise that your brand has not evolved with your company. It might be dated but more importantly the brand identity is still capturing the perceptions at the beginning of your journey. 
The base assumption here is that brands matter. Every business will reach a point where natural growth needs a strategy and identity that proactively reflects your core ethos and values, if long term growth is to be sustained. There are a number of reasons for this re-focus on brand from gearing the business ready to sell to attracting major accounts to kick-start future development.
What is needed may well not be a logo change but it usually includes updating the brand promise, brand story, key messaging and the wider visual identity, including the colour palette and brand imagery. It is about repositioning the business branding to bring it in line. We live in an age of authenticity, honesty and relevance. Brands that represent and fit the business are genuinely valued.