Time to question your purpose

How do you want to come out of this? Who do you want to be?
This is a time of enforced reflection. A time when you need to look at your business and decide if it will look the same as it was before the lockdown, or if you want the core brand purpose of your company to change. 
It is a time of great opportunity but you need to be brave and creative. Whether it is changing what you offer, your core audiences, or your route to market, this is when you assess, strategise and change. 
I was talking recently to a business owner who sold 80% through the wholesale channel which shut down completely at the outset of the crisis. He switched to online direct sales in order to survive, but now is looking at not going back to trade sales at all. That is brave, but it is also at the heart of what he wants his brand purpose and business focus to be about. 
Clearly, not every business is going to change. There will be some who will switch out of survival mode and aim to hit the ground running as soon as possible with their core offer and brand strategy firmly in place. Even with this type of business the strategic questions that challenge you to be even better and more sharply focused need to be asked and honestly answered.
This is the perfect time to ask the big strategy questions and to know the answer to your brand purpose, positioning and direction. Don’t just assume that you have the right strategy, know that you do with confidence.