Creating Brands | BE Performance

The BE Performance brand is a new coaching organisation that helps people from all walks of life to become the best version of themselves by learning the skills and habits that high performance business leaders and elite athletes use.
Our role in the project was to create a high impact brand that both captures the values and ethos of the new business and also stands out as a highly distinctive and memorable brand. We explored a series of brand concepts including: 'blue-sky thinking', scientific, & sports-led approaches before concluding that the drive and achievement of the sports inspired branding best captured the spirit and attitude of the business. The brand manual not only provides the specification of all colours and fonts but also provides the essence of the brand strategy, including their core values:
We aim to make a positive impact on your personal performance by providing the tools to drive you to achieve
your goals in life and the insight and skills to understand how to consistently perform at an elite level.
Within the identity itself we used a trident-like symbol to capture the psychology element of their work. You regularly see the Greek letter Psi being used for the study of psychology which has this kind of shape. Brands do not always need to be literal but it was the right fit for this brand to blend in a bit of extra meaning to the logo design.
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