New venture branding | QODA

From the initial discussions around the dining room table with founding Directors Nick Carter and Matt Tyrrell it was clear that their new venture needed to be a contemporary, technological and creative branded package.
That was four years ago and now they are a highly successful design engineering consultancy with three offices (Oxfordshire, London and Birmingham) and a client list to envy, including: The Royal Household, Oxford Colleges and Five Star London Hotels.
We created the business name QODA based on the classic naming technique of short, distinctive and memorable (ala Sony and Avon). It is not an acronym, but it is meant to be different in a fairly conservative market sector. There is also an element of 'how do you say that?' about the name, like the Nike question of how is it pronounced? It is pronounced 'Coda' by the way. Equally, the brand identity was kept very clean and contemporary with a strong design element to reflect the professionalism of the business.
  • Creating the brand name
    Short, distinctive and memorable
  • Brand character
    Reflecting business values and ethos
  • Distinctive brand identity
    An Audi-style positoning and visual identity