Branding with a proven brand methodology
As you can see from this diagram we have a systematic approach to every brand project. It is split into two sections: brand audit and brand creative. The guiding principle is that the thinking and ideas come before the identity and creativity.
Covering the spectrum of branding:

Guiding you through the business branding process

Luna’s focus on company goals 
Most businesses know exactly What they want to achieve in their marketplace but not always How to achieve their company goals. That is where we fit in to guide you through the process. We are highly experienced with over 30 years knowledge of managing and creating brands.
The essential brand dimensions
The baseline for our branding work is to properly evaluate the four essential brand dimensions and then develop strategies and creative ideas that match your business values and goals.

Branding across both strategy and creative identity

We respond to your business vision and values with branding that fits how you want to be seen by your clients

Brand strategy

As you can see from our process above we are brand strategists who want to construct the right positioning, promise and personality to fit your brand.

Brand identity

Once we have the thinking and ideas defined we love to get all creative and work on your brand identity to create the marketplace impact.

Luna delivered the process in a pragmatic, down to earth way, so that we all got to fully understand what and why we were going through, in terms of decisions and emotions along the way. A far cry from how many agencies try to pigeon hole you into their fit. Simon Thomas, MD Ridgefield Consulting