Your brand story is an essential element of your total brand
We ensure that every dimension of your brand is tuned to fit your strategy. The communication of your branding is as important as the identity design. At Luna we ensure that you are positioned effectively in your marketplace and stand out in in relation to your main competitors. A good example is website content where we work with our clients to ensure that the storytelling is not just to shout loudly about your products or services but to present your key messages and tone of voice in a meaningful way to appeal to your audiences. It is all about communicating who you are, what you stand for and why people should talk to you. Get in touch


As part of the brand repositioning project for J&S House of Design we focused their key messages to communicate the offer with more impact. alongside a new fresh, contemporary image.

J&S House of Design website

JS-new website-home.jpg

Brand storytelling

We can work on your brand story and messaging as part of an overall rebranding project or when creating a new brand, but we also provide the option of managing this aspect of your brand as a distinct project for clients and other creative or website agencies. Content is king is the expression. For many clients they can tell you what they do and how they do it but struggle to put it into wording that communicates at both a rational and emotional level which is essential to creating a strong brand that resonates with prospects.


The Sugar&Spice rebranding work positioned them as a contemporary business with a twist of traditional baking heritage. We developed concise messages using a friendly tone to gain a positive response from their trade clients.

Sugar&Spice website