Brand strategists | bridging the Client/Consultancy divide

Sometimes a consultancy will leave you with a report that needs to be interpreted into action. We don't do that at Luna. As brand strategists, we have extensive strategic brand skills to review and audit, but we also define how to strengthen and build your brand with a clear activation plan.
Strategic consultancy tailored to your brand needs. Each project is against an agreed specification with tangible outcomes. Our value comes from a completely independent, unblinkered perspective; well established brand methodology; and highly creative brand thinking.
Our extensive corporate marketing experience gives us the ability to dive deeply into what matters from a brand perspective, without blinkers or internal bias. By considering the business, marketplace, audience and competitor perspectives we build the total picture onto which we then build the strategic brand thinking.

Rapid Review

In addition to more detailed Brand Audits, we find that many clients benefit from a Rapid Review to have a first stage assessment of where they are now and where the gaps and opportunities exist. Not every client is ready to provide a full brand brief when the options are still to be nailed down. The 2 - 3 week Rapid Review provides this first look and helps frame future action.
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Providing the full strategic set
We can do the detailed research and analysis piece working as brand consultants providing key findings. Our scope also includes both the ability to create the Brand Roadmap that defines what needs to be done next, as well as the option to flip on our agency hat and implement the new brand strategy, through either a brand relaunch phase or the planning for long term brand building investment.

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Focal areas for our strategic input
We employ many different brand strategy techniques to support your growth plans.
1.    Brand growth strategies defining how to build long term equity into your brand
2.    Brand audit reviewing your current brand assets and identifying gaps to exploit
3.    Brand positioning properly defining your distinctive place in the market; and realigning your positioning to place you where you need to be for growth
4.    Brand architecture maximising your current and future brand portfolio with a structure that makes sense and will optimise your return