Translating your Business Strategy into your marketplace

We provide our strategic brand skills and expertise to help you translate your business vision, values and direction into meaningful branding
Consultancy Techniques
There are many techniques that we can employ ranging from: business growth strategies (defining how to build equity into your brand); brand audit (reviewing your current place in the market & defining the path forward); brand architecture development (considering how to maximise your current and future brand assets); workshops (tailored to your specific need.)
Internal Branding
Our work is both looking externally at your positioning in your marketplace and also covers internal brand strategy (defining how to engage & empower the internal team behind your brand.) Given how vital it is to align all of your people and resources behind your brand, it is surprising how many businesses struggle in this respect. We can independently assess where you are now before defining the methods to gain buy-in from your team.

Launching into a new sector

When City & County Graphics wanted to expand beyond their home market in the construction sector into the shop display sector we created the brand strategy.

Targeting a new demographic

When Cherwell Windows decided to reposition the business from a mid-range offer to add a premium range of products, we worked on their brand strategy.
Strategic thinking is core to our approach on every branding project we deliver
There are two distinct ways in which we can meet your brand strategy requirement:
1. Within the scope of a wider brand project, along with creative and identity work.
2. As a separate brand consultancy project to tackle the specific brand questions you want to answer.