Your brand strategy is the baseline for all of your branding

We have extensive strategic brand consultancy skills to review, audit and define how your brand strategy needs to change to meet your business goals.
Consultancy techniques
There are many techniques that we can employ ranging from: business growth strategies (defining how to build equity into your brand); brand audit (reviewing your current place in the market & defining the path forward); to brand architecture development (considering how to maximise your current and future brand assets.)
Consultancy process
We can either Respond Directly to your strategic branding issues, if you know what consultancy help is needed and it can be clearly defined; or we can start with a Brand Workshop to work with the team to understand where you are now and consider the critical issues to be addressed.

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We would love to talk about your brand consultancy needt, so please get in touch so we can start to look at what you need.

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Launching into a new sector

When City & County Graphics wanted to expand beyond their home market in the construction sector into the shop display sector we created the brand strategy.
Target demographic: marketing professionals
We are exactly the same as you in needing to clearly define our target audience. In our case, Luna's Brand Consultancy services fit best with medium to large companies with marketing teams that value external, brand expertise to support them.

Targeting a new demographic

When Cherwell Windows decided to reposition the business from a mid-range offer to add a premium range of products, we worked on their brand strategy.