Skilled at creating new brands literally from the ideas stage
Working literally from the blank piece of paper stage to create a brand is a challenge we relish. We have extensive experience of both supporting established companies who need to brand a new product or enter a new sector; and of interpreting the vision of ambitious entrepreneurs who want to invest in branding at the outset to maximise their chances of success.
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Our idea is quite unusual and we were unsure how to positon this from a branding perspective. Luna spent some time with us to fully understand our vision and also the market that we were trying to reach. The final result really hit the mark for us and translated the vision that we carried in our head into a strong and consistent marketing brand and strategy. Stephen Wolfenden

Building design engineers

QODA understood from the outset that a strong brand was integral to the success of their new venture if they were to achieve high growth and profitability.


Creating BE Performance Coaching
When David approached us to create the new BE Performance brand we did question the name but as we delved deeper and understood the thinking and ambition, it became the perfect fit.
BE Performance Coaching

Brand naming

Naming brands is a skilled process. We have a track record in finding the right name for companies.