Creating brand names

Finding the right brand name for your product or business demands skill & creativity. It is getting ever more difficult to create a name that has not already been taken. At Luna we love the challenge.
Creative process
We are highly skilled in the creative process needed to find the perfect name for your product or business. Key to our successful approach is our strategic focus to branding. We do not view naming in isolation, we ensure that the name fits a clear understanding of the business ethos, values and style. We have a number of techniques to unearth the best name but to have a great feel for who you are and what you are trying to achieve is always the baseline.
Proven capability
Because we treat each business with a fresh pair of eyes and no preconceptions, we have a great record of naming that follows no set formula or style. For Andrea’s venue styling business we created The Light Touch to capture the warmth, care & sensitivity of her approach. In contrast, for Deckle Edge we wanted the challenging, edgy and high impact nature of the shop display graphics business to come through.

QODA brand name

QODA follows the classic brand naming technique of short, distinctive & memorable. It is not an acronym, but it is deliberately different to any of their competitors in the building design engineering market. It is pronounced Coda and uses an unusual spelling as part of its distinct positioning. It tells you that this is not a boring, mainstream business: it is bold, technological and contemporary.
QODA-WEB onblue.jpg

There is no one way to name a business, it depends

Brand naming is the same as brand identity design, in that it is the most powerful when it is a the perfect fit for the business ethos, values and style.
We understand the science behind brand naming and work to achieve the right name for your business. The list on the right shows the diversity of brands that we have worked on across B2C, B2B, & Public Sector. Some are descriptive, some emotive and some are challenging. Each are designed for the type of business they want to be seen as.
Deckle Edge
The Light Touch
Present Day Cakes
Ritma Design
Marble Air
Aced Tennis
The Beacon Wantage