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Let’s be honest, there are a lot of agencies out there claiming to do rebranding but it's just a small part of what they do. We are 100% focused on branding, with 60% of our client work specifically on rebranding projects. When done properly rebranding can be a game changer for your business visibility, perceptions and growth. We are rebrand experts who will guide you through the process to make sure that your rebranding has a tangible ROI and wider business value.
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5 business reasons to rebrand

This PDF presentation gives working examples of the 5 primary reasons why a business needs to rebrand. The guiding principle is to always have a business rationale and clear goals that you want to achieve. Refreshing your logo and identity is not enough, otherwise the change is in danger of simply being cosmetic.
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Understanding Rebranding

Expert content:
How to rebrand your business,
the essentials explained:
Rebranding is a much misunderstood and maligned term but when well executed it is to:
• focus on what matters to your audience
• define a compelling proposition  
• tell an engaging story
• position distinctively in your market 
• design a visual  style that fits
If you would like a more detailed read on the subject of rebranding, try this Article written by Luna's MD Alun Williams: 
'What rebranding really means'  
For a better understanding of what matters in Rebranding please download our: 
'Rebranding for Business Impact' 

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