Rebranding companies
Defining the right direction for your rebrand to change perceptions
Rebranding is not a design led activity, you need to avoid it becoming a cosmetic exercise. It has to be undertaken with clear business goals in mind (i.e. to meet ambitious growth targets, to change direction or to enter new markets.) A significant part of our business is working with companies to define how best to rebrand and change direction.
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Article on rebranding

There are many good reasons to rebrand your company but equally there are times when it simply doesn't make sense. This article will be useful if you are considering a business rebrand. Rebranding article

Trade bakehouse

The decision to rebrand Sugar&Spice was made to support a growth push for this well established business and was alongside development of the product offer.


Adding brand value
There are many times within the development of every business where you need to take stock and refresh or enhance your brand, as part of your business strategy. We take a strategic approach to understand your business needs before we get creative and produce your new identity.