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We bring passion, imagination & skill to every branding project. Our expertise is in combining strategic insight with powerful creative design.

About Luna

The right fit
We have a proven brand process covering strategy, identity and applying your brand to websites and communications. For our larger clients this can take months, but we can manage the process in weeks for smaller clients on a tighter budget.
Dynamic, creative team
We move quickly and creatively. Our team's strength is based on extensive corporate experience right across consumer, retail, B2B and the public sector. We have been the client so we know the return on investment needed.
Brand marketing RETAINER
We work with a select group of clients managing their full marketing activity but with a distinct brand focus and agreed annual objectives.
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SME to corporate

Luna's brand work is not sector or size specific, all of our clients have ambition and belief in branding. 
As brand specialists, we have made a conscious decision not to be sector specific. So, if you want a fresh, independent view not restricted by conventional thinking within your sector get in touch. We tailor our services to each individual business bringing our brand expertise across markets to ensure a bespoke solution just for you.

Brand services

Take companies & organisations in a new direction
We work with businesses and organisations that need to change direction creating a new brand strategy and identity through to full relaunch.
Help established businesses to go again
We add brand value to existing businesses in support of their growth plan, looking at positioning and perceptions and not just logo design.
Give ambitious start-ups their best chance of success
We have extensive experience of working with ambitious, high growth new ventures who value the importance of branding to their future success.

BIG THINKING for small business

One part of our offer is dedicated to small business. If you have a desire to grow and add value, we can deliver the branding to help make it happen.

Small business branding

Luna projects

Brand thinking

We will post articles and comments on branding in this section on the site. Usual disclaimers apply: they are our views and perspectives on branding which doesn't make us right, just with strong opinions.

Brand thinking