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Brand storytelling

From a psychological perspective, stories are a fundamental way in which the brain organises information - in a practical and memorable manner. In other words, we are conditioned to processing stories in a natural way that promotional marketing does not achieve.

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Start-up branding

The first essential for any start-up is to create your brand from the outset. Sounds obvious but many businesses choose to focus on selling their product or service and worry about the branding later.

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Brand as the veneer on the surface?

So your brand is not a veneer, it is the heart and soul of your business, understood by your clients and prospects in a way that none of your competitors are perceived. Brands should be built from the bottom up, not added to the business as a bolt-on.

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The thinking has to come first

When you stand back and think about it, being clear on what you want to achieve and how this fits with the rest of your brand strategy is obvious, but too often ignored in the haste to dive into the design and having something tangible created. Haste in branding is dangerous.