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Be known for what matters
We help companies capture the essence of who they really are through their branding
To make sure that you are clearly understood and valued in your marketplace your brand has to fit your business vision and values. Using our strategic and creative branding skills we help you become known for what matters by focusing on the four essential brand dimensions: strategy, setting, style and story.

Brand process

Create brands
Working with both companies launching new initiatives and highly ambitious business owners who recognise the value of branding to their success.
Brand development
Brand audit and assessment before designing the best development route to position your company brand.
Rebranding projects
We work with companies that need to rebrand and change direction or change perceptions; creating a rebranding strategy and identity through to relaunch.
Rebranding should never be superficial, simply about design. It has to be properly considered and specified to meet clear business goals. If you don’t know the value and purpose of your rebrand, don’t do it.
Recent Rebranding Project: The Solid Bar Company

Brand experts

Branding has to have impact and make a difference
We ensure company brands achieve the best fit with their values & ambitions 
Using a mix of strategic thinking and design creativity to meet your brand goals
Focused and effective branding that resonates with your audiences 
Establishing the baseline for consistent brand application across platforms

About Luna

Corporate expertise
Our belief in a strategic approach to branding comes from extensive experience of being the client and managing brands at an international level. We think like a client and act like an agency.
Specialists not generalists
We are totally focused on branding and thrive on a huge variety of work across B2C and B2B markets. Our goal is to bring fresh, independent ideas and creativity to every individual brand project.
Great brand strategies come out of a healthy mix of creative inspiration and solid process. We have proven methods that we know work and then we add the strategic thinking and creative ideas to make a difference to your branding.
Brand strategy

Luna projects

Brand thinking

We will post articles and comments on branding in this section on the site. Usual disclaimers apply: they are our views and perspectives on branding which doesn't make us right, just with strong opinions.

Brand thinking